update the city's General Design Guidelines for Historic Properties

posted here january 4, 2008

From the City of Phoenix Historic Preservation Office:

"The purpose of the project is to consolidate the two existing historic preservation documents into a single set of illustrated design guidelines. This new user-friendly document will guide decision making for historically designated properties in Phoenix in the future, providing property owners with straight forward guidance on how to best maintain the historic character of historic properties and to sensitively modify and expand properties to meet modern needs.

The final report will provide both general design guidelines for historic properties as well as more specific design guidelines for each of the city's 35 residential historic districts.............." click here to link to the Historic Preservation Office and the rest of the story along with the outline of future meetings and opportunities to participate.

"In late August, the consultant team hosted two stakeholder workshops to solicit input of from historic property owners in Phoenix............" Results of those workshops

The power point presentation, prepared by David Marshall consultant, at the stakeholders workshop was extremely informative as to what the guidelines propose to do, it is 9MB but well worth the download time in farthering you understanding of Historic Preservation........Workshop Power Point