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You are invited to join your neighbors for an informal open house gathering being hosted on Saturday June 23rd from 4 until 6 at 363 East Monte Vista Road (that is just west of Coco’s).  You will have the opportunity to meet with Barbara Stocklin, the director of the Phoenix Historic Preservation office to discuss the possibility of expanding the present Coronado historic designation east and south. 

The Greater Coronado Neighborhood is a unique historic district in character.  We have vacant infill lots, a large selection of differing types of residential property, as well as differing styles of architecture.  As a historic area we are more “diverse” in many aspects than other historic areas.  We also have some unique zoning applications in our area.  This meeting is to introduce Ms. Stocklin to the residents of Coronado by having an informal conversation about the direction that they would like to see the area go in as it relates to decisions made and support provided by, the office of Historic Preservation.  It will also provide an opportunity for the residents to gain an insight into the differing types of support that the Historic Preservation Office can give as well as what role that office plays in the renovation, restoration, interaction and development of Historic Coronado as a district. 

As stakeholders in this process, a mutual understanding can facilitate co-operation and support toward a mutual goal, one defined by all the parties involved.  This meeting is meant to be as inclusive as possible, including those who support the idea of the expanded historic overlay and those who may not be attracted to the idea of an expanded overlay.  It is important that Historic Preservation knows the feelings of all of the residents in the district.  If the result is an interest in pursuing the additional overlay, this is the opportunity to begin that process.

While this invitation is to all of the residents of the Greater Coronado Neighborhood, the focus of the conversation will be on the expansion areas to be considered.  Kevin Weight from the HP office says “I anticipate that the survey will look at everything between 7th and 16th Streets from Thomas Road to I-10 that is not already designated.” However also states “But that doesn't mean that everything within that area will be recommended eligible for inclusion in a potential district expansion.” So this area of consideration is to include the “racetrack” area east of North High, the strip between the current district and 16th street, and the areas that lie south of McDowell to the I-10.  Each of these has different characteristics and will be considered on those unique contributing factors, as well as neighborhood support.

Please find linked two documents from the Historic Preservation office: One is of area maps that show the present boundaries of the "Historic Coronado District" (the one that is under consideration for expansion), the "Country Club Park Historic District" and "East Evergreen Historic District" which lie within the Greater Coronado Neighborhood, but each having it’s own separate designation, also included is a map of the proposed expansion areas. The second document is titled “What happens if your neighborhood becomes a historic district”. You can click on the navigation bar at the top of this page to explore more information about historic preservation. 

The Historic Preservation Office will be seeking residents “within” the expansion area to work with them in moving forward. Please plan to attend and or respond to this invitation to receive update information regarding this.  

Remember everyone is invited inside and outside of the expansion, and please forward this to neighbors who may not be on the list serve. 

To be put on the list of interested people in this project contact me wayne murray