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Sorry for redundant message for those who are on both the Central Phoenix Discuss and the Update list

Below is the update message from Kevin Weight at the Historic Preservation Office.  He is Coronado’s contact
The Histoirc Preservation Office was able to bring with them and add to their recommendations the letters of support from the CAN Association and E-hood Coronado, as well as the valuble input and support that those who attended the meeting on June 23rd to provide a tangible acknowledgement to Barbara Stocklin the importance that residents in Coronado place on their Historic Area.  Kudos to all, especially the HP Staff in their recommendation.

You can see from the time frame this is a complicated process that takes time. It is important to remember that what was approved at the meeting was the “property survey and designation PLAN”.  You can find information as to what this part or the process is by going to  Coronado Historic District Expansion Project provided are examples of what the survey and plan are and the expansion area map.  This update will also be poeted to the “ links” on the right portion of that page for reference.

Please continue to keep this in your conversations with neighbors who may be interested in this information and refer them to the information posted.  The community will begin to get involved once again during the fourth phase and the public hearing process phase.  They can also let me know if they would like to be put on a list that receives updates as the process moves forward .  E-mail addresses are respected.

Click on the picture above for a motivational presentation of the Historic Coronado District, made from an earlier HP publication about Coronado.

Thank you HP Staff.



Yesterday, the HP Commission approved the historic property survey & designation plan per our recommendation.

The time frame for Coronado is as follows:

- Select consultant in Spring 2008
- Start survey in Summer 2008
- Complete survey in Spring 2009
- Contact property owners in eligible expansion area, get Prop. 207 waivers signed in Spring & Summer 2009

Assuming we are able to get sufficient owner support, we are scheduled to initiate the zoning application for the expansion in August 2009.  The public hearing process will take about 4-6 months, so final City Council approval will probably be in January 2010.

Kevin Weight
Lead Historic Preservation Planner
City of Phoenix
200 W. Washington St. 17th Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85003
(602) 495-7610 phone
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